Can I resell reseller accounts ?

Our web hosting control panels do not currently allow for sub-resellers.

There are two options if you wish to offer Reseller Accounts to your clientbase:

  1. Upgrade to a dedicated server.
    You can then have total control via CPanel or Plesk over the accounts on the machine, which includes the ability to have resellers of your own.
    With this option you get complete control over your resellers, including the administration of their features, disk-space and bandwidth/data-transfer allowances.
    Contact the Sales department for a quotation, we can even arrange to move all your existing hosted acounts seamlessly onto your own server for you.

  2. Resell our reseller plans at a higher price.
    First submit a ticket to the Accounts department so that we know you are responsible for the financials of the new reseller account.
    Then simply sign up for another reseller account with your clients details, but use your email address not your client's, otherwise they will recive the welcome confirmation. Once you have the welcome documents, you go into the control panel and update the contact information to be theirs for future account creation notifications. You then top and tail the welcome emails and forward them on.

Please note that as they have contracted for the account with you, we will be unable to support them directly, and they will remain your customer and your responsibility.

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