Do you charge VAT ? Who gets charged Value Added Tax (Sales Tax) ?

As a VAT registed UK Supplier, we are obliged by UK Revenue & Customs to charge VAT on all services provided (domains, hosting, dedicated servers, collocation, racks, transit, connectivity, consultancy etc.) as the place of supply is the United Kingdom.

  • Do your prices include V.A.T. ?
    No, all prices are quoted on the website exclusive of VAT at the prevailing rate (currently 20%).
    A VAT invoice will be emailled to your billing email address.

  • What if I am resident in the Channel Islands ?
    HMRC state that products shipped to the Channel Islands are not charged VAT. This is because the Channel Islands aren't part of the EC VAT territory. Sadly services supplied from the UK are subject to VAT so even with a valid JE or GY postcode in the Channel Islands we have to charge you the VAT.

  • What if I am resident in another country outside of the EC VAT territory ?
    Sadly *services* supplied from the UK are subject to VAT so even if you are outside the EC VAT Zone we have to charge you the VAT.

  • What if we are a VAT-registered business purchasing from outside of the UK but within the EC VAT territory ?
    Please contact us with a copy of your VAT registration certificate and number if this applies to your Company. We can then add you to our HMC&E VAT EC Sales List and process your order UK VAT Exempt, and you can pay the VAT in your own country.
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