Why does my email not arrive at hotmail ? Missing / Lost emails to xyz@hotmail.com

We hear this several times a day everyday.

It is NOT going to be, and never has been a problem with any of our servers or services ... EVER.

We cannot fix something which is a fundamental problem with another ISPs design / servers. M$ in general are not interested in providing a working service for free, but even the paid options have the same issues.


The emails will be delivered quite correctly to M$ freebie EMail Services like Hotmail and Outlook (unless their incoming mailservers are down yet again - Hotmail.com at one point were averaging 3 outages a day !
In which case our correcty configured and managed email servers will keep trying until MSN email servers come back online again)

For some idea just how bad Hotmail's systems are for delivering email see Hotmail Fail To Deliver Email

The decision on what happens to your emails now they have been delivered to microsofts network are 100% entirely down to them and there is NOTHING we or you can do to change their system(s).

In many cases of claims of mail not arriving at xyz@hotmail.com it is most often because it has been caught by the hotmail aggresive junk filter - junk being a good description for the hotmail technologies !
Almost 90% of all VALID mail sent to hotmail addresses goes into the junk folder or simply vanishes ...

  • Any mail generated by an online application/webform/script from a server not running Microsoft Windows is automatically considered probably junk.
  • Any mail sent by anything other than a Microsoft email program like Outlook or OutlookExpress is automatically considered probably junk.
  • Any mail sent when hotmails servers are under load and too busy to check the sending server is automatically considered junk
  • Any mail sent during one of hotmail.com or outlook.com daily 'hiccups' is simply lost with no warning or explanation.
  • The bulk of mail they do accept, and don't flag as junk gets 'lost' in transit through their servers - occasssionally being found months later


If by some miracle your email is still considered valid after all that, then the final test is if someone (not necessarily the recipient of your current email) has once tagged an email you sent as spam because they are either

  •  they clicked the wrong button r think marking thinsg as spam is how you thin out a mailbox
  •  or not differentiated between real spam and emails they are supposed to get but just do not want to read
- these will also mean your mail to anyone on the MSN gets junked.

Here are some tools to help you "investigate" and troubleshoot the issue...

MSN's Email Wizard


(now discontinued as they don't want you to know that they threw away otherwise valid emails)

Microsoft Live EMail Guidlines


Hotmail / WIndows Live Mail / Outlook.com Email Troubleshooting





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