How Do I Create a RoR (Ruby on Rails) Application ?

To make your first RoR (Ruby on Rails) application in your Astutium Business, ECommerce or Developer hosting packages ...

  1. Login to your Control Panel at http://{domain}/cpanel
  2. Click on the icon for Ruby on Rails
  3. Select the option Load on boot to start the applcation
  4. Give your application a name in the App Name field
    We suggest you call your first application test
  5. The Application Path should be automagically completed for you as public_html/{application}
    e.g. public_html/test
  6. Select the option production as the Environment (default)
  7. Click on Create to build the Application and RoR Framework layout.

You should now test your Ruby on Rails Application has been deployed. In a browser go to http://{domain}/{application}/public/

This should show you the default Ruby index page with the Welcome Aboard message.
You have now setup the RoR Application framework for your new development on Astutium Developer Hosting

You can now start uploading your
.rb application class files to app/controllers/
.rhtml view files to app/views/{class}/

Modify your config/routes.rb
add a map.connect line to link the application url to your main class

You may need to modify the .htaccess file for the {application}/public directory...
check for RewriteRule ^(.*)$ dispatch.cgi [QSA,L]

You can check your Applications status in the control panel

  1. Login to your Control Panel at http://{domain}/cpanel
  2. Click on the icon for Ruby on Rails
  3. If it is Not Running, click on the Run Action to start an "Available Ruby on Rails Application"

    The most common error is a "400" Error, indicating you have made a mistake following the instructions above - normally forgetting the trailing slash on the URL after public.

    For help and assistance with Ruby on Rail, please visit the official site at
    Please remember that will not teach you how to program in Ruby or Rails, and support will not be able to help you debug your applications - if you are an application developer you are expected to know how to do these things yourself.

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