Setting up easy webmail (Horde) access on CPanel

Alternative ways of accessing webmail ...

Our standard CPanel method of accessing the webmail is to use http://{domain}/webmail, which connects on ports 2095/2096.

Assuming your domain name is you would access the choices of webmail packages :

CPanel Webmail (Horde, Squirell, Neo) at

If you would prefer to access webmail through a dedictaed subdomain - such as webmail.domain straight to the Horde system you ...

  1. in cPanel set up a subdomain "webmail"
  2. setup redirection for that subdomain to
    (change to your domain name)

This bypasses the usual domain/webmail selection of application and takes you straight to Horde, alternatively replace the /horde/ in the above example with your chosen webmail package.

How-To provided courtesy of Roger Cornwell,

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