What ports should be open to run cPanel / WHM behind a firewall ?

We recommend the following ports are opened in your firewall to correctly use CPanel and WHM

Port List

port / service / protocol / direction of traffic
  • 20 ftp tcp inbound/outbound
  • 21 ftp tcp,udp inbound/outbound
  • 22 ssh tcp inbound
  • 25 smtp tcp inbound/outbound
  • 26 smtp tcp inbound/outbound
  • 37 rdate tcp outbound
  • 43 whois tcp outbound
  • 53 DNS tcp/udp inbound/outbound
  • 80 http tcp inbound/outbound
  • 110 pop3 tcp inbound
  • 113 ident tcp outbound
  • 143 imap4 tcp inbound
  • 443 https tcp inbound
  • 465 smtp tls/ssl tcp/udp inbound/outbound
  • 873 rsync tcp/udp outbound
  • 993 imap4 ssl tcp inbound
  • 995 pop3 ssl tcp inbound
  • 2082 cpanel tcp inbound
  • 2083 cpanel ssl tcp inbound
  • 2086 whm tcp inbound
  • 2087 whm ssl tcp inbound
  • 2089 cp licence tcp outbound
  • 2095 Webmail tcp inbound
  • 2096 Webmail SSL tcp inbound
  • 3306 mysql tcp (only if you need to connect remotely)
  • 6666 chat tcp inbound

These settings apply to a base installation of CPanel/WHM version 10 onwards.
Any add-ons or advanced configurations such as DNS clustering may require additional ports.

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