Procedure for the Receipt, Handling, and Tracking of Legitimate Abuse Reports regarding Domain Names

This article outlines the procedure for the receipt, handling, and tracking of legitimate abuse reports regarding domain names registered by ICANN Accredited Domain Registrar Astutium Ltd (IANAN#1471) in compliance with the 2013 ICANN RAA

Registrar Abuse Contact Details see the current abuse contact details on our contact page.

  • Please provide as much detail as possible to enable us to quickly investigate your abuse report
  • If you are an existing client, please login to the Client Portal before you complete the form to enable you to track the abuse report in the 'My Support Tickets' section
  • The number and type of attachments is limited - please use plain-text for the abuse report wherever possible to ensure all information is readable
  • We would appreciate all reports being in English to minimise any translation/context/colloquial issues
  • If reporting abuse in an official capacity, please use your REAL email address rather than a 'free email service'
  • Automated submissions will be deleted without view or response - the form is for _people_ reporting abuse not automated systems

Registrar Abuse Contact Email abuse [/at/]

  • Email is NOT a guaranteed delivery method and there are many many reasons why your email may never reach us, so should not be relied upon for abuse reports
  • Email reports of abuse will simply be replied to telling you to open a ticket with the details - save yourself some time and go straight to the
    contact page

Registrar Abuse Contact Phone +44 871 277 6875

  • Telephone reports of abuse will simply be replied to telling you to open a ticket with the details - save yourself some time and go straight to the
    contact page
  • Calls to the switchboard for reporting abuse are charged at 'UK National Rate' (upto 10p/min from BT, mobiles and overseas numbers will be considerably more - check with your telephone service provider for costs)


  1. Registrar receives a report of abuse from a valid, verifiable, reliable source - determined at Registrars' sole discretion, using the appropriate contact methods
  2. The report of abuse will be reviewed by a member of the Management Team responsible for domain issues to determine at our sole discretion if any action is neccesary
  3. A member of staff will be appointed as Abuse Report Co-ordinator (ARC) to manage the issue, this may be the Account Manager, a member of the Management Team, or another trained and appropriate member of staff
  4. Further information or clarification may be necessary, the ARC will contact the reporter in that circumstance
  5. Where appropriate the ARC will contact the Registered Name Holder (RNH) as part of the issue resolution process, in the event that the abuse report is deemed valid
  6. The ARC will continue to follow up with the RNH to see that the reported issue has been resolved and/or any actionable steps have been taken
  7. If resolution is not in place by a Registrar chosen timeframe, the ARC will take further action as Registrar deems necessary to effect a Registrar determined resolution
  8. Registrar may coordinate with the Registry in the event there is a need for update, suspension, termination or locking of the domain registration
  9. Once the abuse report has been deemed resolved, the ARC will close the abuse report - records of valid abuse reports are kept for at least two years (pursuant to section 3.18.3 of the 2013 ICANN RAA).
  10. Registrar may (where permitted and appropriate) notify complainant of closure of the abuse report. If abuse report is not valid, Registrar will advise complainant to contact correct authorities (where known)
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