How do I move a MySQL Database from one host to another using phpMyAdmin ? Backup and Restore using phpMyAdmin.

How to Backup and Restore your MySQL Database using phpMyAdmin

The following are the steps to Export and then Import a MySQL database using phpMyAdmin

Export from phpMyAdmin

  1. Open cPanel and open your phpMyAdmin
  2. On the welcome screen you will see an Export option click on this link
  3. This will bring up the view dump (schema) of databases screen
  4. Select the tables you wish to be exported from the list
  5. Ensure you choose SQL as the option (this will allow you to just paste the SQL for your next host)
  6. It will create text file on the screen, highlight the information and paste it into a text document.
    Save this for when you get hosting.

Import into phpMyAdmin

  1. Open cPanel and open your phpMyAdmin
  2. On the welcome screen you will see an Query window option (lower left corner) click on this link
  3. Paste the contents of the text file that you exported and done. Your database and it's contents are moved


There are two limitations on importing data into phpMyAdmin...
  • PHP file upload size limits on uploading the file (default is 2Mb)
  • Post size limits, as defined by both your browser and the server (default is 4Mb)
It is good to save the the data to a file, and then to transfer the file directly to the new host by using the file input form just below the query form.
Keep hold of the file so that you have a backup to refer to should something go wrong with the import.
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